Aircraft Rental

Cessna 152 $89.00/hr
Cessna Skyhawk (C-172N) $115.00/hr
Piper Archer $125.00/hr
Instructor $45.00/hr
Our rental fleet is available to the license pilot with a checkout and to student pilots learning to fly at Salem Air Center Flight Training.

    All of the aircraft are rented "wet", meaning the rental rate includes filling the aircraft with fuel and oil per the pilot's request. Purchase of fuel at other airports will be reimbursed up to the amount paid at Salem Air Center fueling. Ramp or parking fees are not refundable. As prices are subject to change, a quick check on the website or call to the front desk will keep you posted.

Rental Policies

    Pilots are required to be checked out in the type aircraft they wish to rent by one of our staff instructors. A check-out form will be kept on file at Salem Air Center Flight Training along with a photocopy of your airman's and medical certificates.

Aircraft Information

    If you are considering renting an aircraft or learning to fly, the following brief descriptions may give you an idea of the capabilities of our rental fleet.

Cessna 152
    The 152 is a two seat training-oriented aircraft. It cruises at roughly 100 knots and will carry a useful load of 490 pounds. It is a high-wing configuration, giving the passenger an excellent downward view for sight-seeing or aerial photography. It is stable and forgiving, and an economical choice for student pilots. Its avionics are simple and consist of a NAV/COM, GPS, transponder, and intercom.

Cessna Skyhawk (C-172)
    The Skyhawk is similar to the 150, with a wider, roomier cabin and carries two additional passengers for a total of four seats. It cruises faster at about 115 knots (132 mph) and has a useful load of around 600 pounds with full fuel. It is also a high-wing and, with the extra cabin room, is probably the best choice for sight-seeing or photography. With flight characteristics similar to the 150, it is also a good choice for new students. It is equipped with a NAV/COM, transponder, and intercom.

Piper Archer (PA28-180)
    The Archer is also a four-seat aircraft, and offers the most comfortable interior of the aircraft in our fleet. It's low-wing configuration may slightly obstruct passengers' view of the terrain, but offers better visibility when turning. It is a fast aircraft, cruising at about 120 knots cruise (138 mph), and can carry around 630 pounds with full fuel. With it's speed and comfort, it is the best option for short trips. Our Archer is equipped with dual KX 155’s, DME, transponder, and intercom and is ideal for instrument training.